Anti-inflammatory and Gut Healing Curry Soup

This is probably pretty lame, but I find perusing the grocery isles or farmers market fun. I know that probably doesn’t add to my cool points, neither does counting cool points I guess. Obviously it’s exciting to find new things to add to recipes, but food can be so pretty too. Like this black rice I made with this curry soup. It’s really more of a deep purple when you cook it. Either way I’m into it.

Black rice, also known as “forbidden rice,” contains the highest levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin when compared to other grains. That’s the same antioxidant that is found in blueberries, purple grapes, plums, tart cherries and beets, but black rice contains less sugar. It also contains some fiber and iron. Research has found that anthocyanin may help with reducing inflammation, aiding in cardiovascular disease, cancer that may be caused by free radicals, and improving brain function. (1)  It also contains the antioxidant vitamin E, think hair, skin, eye health, and so much more.

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Roasted Butternut, Poblano, and Kale Tacos

Tacos! I know you can never have enough of them, especially with so many variations. The cook time takes a little while since your roasting, but if you get pre-cut butternut squash this recipe becomes even easier. Just be down to get messy when peeling the poblano peppers. Continue reading “Roasted Butternut, Poblano, and Kale Tacos”


Stuffed mushrooms have been a go to holiday appetizer  in my family. Usually it also involves a little bit of ground pork and bread crumbs, which is amazing. This is a little bit of a different take, but I love them! Continue reading “Stuffed-Mushrooms”

Nourish Bowl

Cooler weather is a great time for lots of roasted veggies. Your body will naturally start to crave more comfort food during this time, especially if you’re in extremely cold weather. But, we can still keep comfort food healthy. This nourish bowl is filled with roasted and hardy vegetables.  Continue reading “Nourish Bowl”