Raw Key-Lime Cheesecake

The plant-based community has discovered some amazing alternatives to mainstream meals and desserts. The first time I went to a RAW restaurant, it was about 4 years ago in LA, I was not having it. The menu included familiar items like pizza and burgers. Of course I knew it wouldn’t exactly be like the pizza I was use to at the time, but I wasn’t prepared for what was coming.

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Beauty and Brain Boosting Energy Bites

Even though this recipes is simple, I realize some of the ingredients may not be staples in your kitchen. Continue reading “Beauty and Brain Boosting Energy Bites”

Anti-Inflammatory and Immune Boosting Tonic

Some Tonics and Elixirs can take tons of ingredients or “superfoods,” and can get pretty expensive. I love my superfoods and making wild concoctions, but sometimes you just need simplicity. Continue reading “Anti-Inflammatory and Immune Boosting Tonic”

What You Should Know About Coffee

To coffee or not to coffee? Coffee….obviously. Our love for coffee and desire for health has spun an abundance of research. Coffee lover’s take a sigh of relief, because the results are looking good. Okay so maybe it’s not that easy, the debate will likely continue for a while, and it will likely boil down to bio-individuality. Continue reading “What You Should Know About Coffee”