Homemade Coconut Milk

When I first looked into how to make various alternative milks at home I was surprised at how easy it is to make coconut milk! It literally takes 2 ingredients and 10 minutes. The result is fresh “milk” that is 100% free of any additives. Continue reading “Homemade Coconut Milk”


Superfood Coffee

Maca has been recognized for its contributions to women’s health. Some studies indicate that Maca provides relief of menopause symptoms, and may assist in improving fertility and sexual desire. Maca contains and abundance of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and proteins that nourish your body and provide good energy. (1) Continue reading “Superfood Coffee”

Anti-Inflammatory and Immune Boosting Tonic

Some Tonics and Elixirs can take tons of ingredients or “superfoods,” and can get pretty expensive. I love my superfoods and making wild concoctions, but sometimes you just need simplicity. Continue reading “Anti-Inflammatory and Immune Boosting Tonic”

What You Should Know About Coffee

To coffee or not to coffee? Coffee….obviously. Our love for coffee and desire for health has spun an abundance of research. Coffee lover’s take a sigh of relief, because the results are looking good. Okay so maybe it’s not that easy, the debate will likely continue for a while, and it will likely boil down to bio-individuality. Continue reading “What You Should Know About Coffee”