Antioxidant Rich Matcha-Banana Muffins

At heart I’m definitely a coffee lover, but having it everyday for me is too much. Everyone is different but I can feel how it impacts my cortisol levels, too much buzzing and crashing. Although incorporating fat in the coffee helps provide steady energy. I like to rotate between different teas, and lately I’ve been on a Matcha fix. I typically make it with some MCT oil and 1:1 ratio of water and almond milk. Matcha takes and acquired taste, unless you’re adding tons of sugar like the matcha lattes at certain coffee/tea shops. If you’re not familiar, Matcha is stoned ground green tea leaves. So you are actually just consuming the “leaf” when having Matcha. I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the benefits that green tea has to offer, well 1 cup of Matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. (1)

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