About Tiff_Images


    In 2015 I found myself living a very “stressed” life. I had a good career, but I felt misaligned. I new the importance of living a balanced life, but my actions completely contradicted this. Work and stress started to encompass my life. When my health dramatically fell away it propelled me into finding what I need to live an authentic life. I realized I needed to focus on nourishing my mind, body, and soul. I began detoxing my environment, body, and life in general. Through my health decline I plunged into research and found a healthcare team of Functional Medical Doctors and Integrative Health Practitioners to support my healing. Food has been at the core of this process either due to necessary restrictions or food that was used as part of treatment. The limitations with food that I faced was often frustrating, and I decided to find ways to make it more interesting and turn it into something I can be excited about. I was fortunate at the time to have access to a DSLR camera and began exploring photography. This lead me to make Tiff_Images.

    You’ll find various healthy recipes that are typically helpful for people requiring special diets but they are definitely accessible for everyone especially those looking for healthy options. Through photography Tiff_Images shares health minded recipes, travel, products, and strategies that have enriched my life in some manner. I truly believe in the healing ability of food, movement, the environment, relationships, and thoughts.  Living a fulfilled life comes from a journey within, instead of an external thing or situation. One of my favorite things in life is being a student of it. Constantly learning and evolving is exciting. As a result I’m always changing and I think it’s great. I want people to feel inspired to become the master of their life and to feel empowered to challenge themselves. I hope my desire to  be more mindful about how I eat, what I think, and how I live my life, will inspire others to do the same.