More than just a coffee shop

You’ll come to learn that spending time at coffee and tea houses is my favorite past-time.

I’m always looking for my go-to local spots to support my community, and Groundworks has become one of them. Groundworks has made its mark on Socal and has become a community favorite for many. As I attempt to grow closer to mindful lifestyle habits, it can be hard finding places that align with these ideals. I was drawn to Groundworks originally for their organic sourced coffee. They also provide a variety of loose leaf tea for my night-time visits or coffee free days.

Those of you that are coffee house campers, I’m guilty, know the temptation of purchasing those lovely sugar laden and usually gluten filled deserts at most coffee shops. Groundworks now offers a wide variety of food options, and I’m not just talking packaged salads. Not only are the food products organic, they offer Paleo and Vegan friendly options under one roof….or umbrella.  Oh, and rest assure you can still get your sweet tooth fix with the variety of pastries they offer that also include vegan and gluten free options.

As I learned more about this local spot, I was impressed by the values instilled in the company. Aside from providing all organic options, their coffee and tea is also Fairtrade certified. They attempt to incorporate environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient practices throughout their company, from solar panels on their company’s main warehouse, clean-burning coffee roasters, or reclaimed and recycled items that make up their stores. Their Venice location has been converted from an old horse stable,  creating a unique new age western vibe.

Groundworks is more than a cup of joe, they are an example for other businesses, and even a reminder to all of us to be more conscious about our actions. I hope they continue to raise the bar for the rest, and support sustainable, fairtrade, and wellness practices.

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